07 November 2014

"A Bitter Taste of Freedom" (2011) - Marina Goldovskaya

Anna Politkovskaya talking about her last book “ A Russian Diary”:
“I was dreaming about writing an optimistic book with an ending, something similar to Maidan (Orange Revolution). I was just dreaming about it. Because everyone wants to be a romantic. But it isn’t taking place. We just have to look in the face of reality. Our revolution will not be a nice revolution, if it’s going to happen.”
From the documentary by Marina Goldovskaya about Anna Politkovskaya “A Bitter Taste of Freedom” (2011).

Il corpo delle Donne (2009)

A very interesting and intense documentary about the representation of woman in Italian media. The film was realised from an idea by Lorella Zanardo and Marco Malfi Chindemi.

19 February 2014